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Joe N

March 2022 Report

The American writer Damon Runyon’s character Feet Samuels had ‘feet as large as violin cases’ which ‘go off at different directions under him’. When he stood on a street corner guys would ‘make bets on the proposition as to which way Feet is headed when he is standing still.’ Club… Read More »March 2022 Report

December 2021 Report

We have continued to meet fortnightly apart from the evening of Monday 1 November when the village in which our clubroom is located was without power following high winds and power cables down. At least, unlike the aftermath of Storm Arwen, power was restored to the village within a day.… Read More »December 2021 Report

September 2021 Report

Following the easing of Government restrictions we have returned to our (more or less) fortnightly meetings. Most members have attended at some stage and there has been much catching up of personal experiences in recent months. The test track has been brought back to life and has seen a variety… Read More »September 2021 Report

June 2021 Report

Step 3 of the Government’s road map, Monday 17 May, coincided with a possible Group meeting. Mike H checked that we could gain access to our club rooms, and eleven members duly gathered. Although it was about a year since most of us had met, we carried on where we… Read More »June 2021 Report

March 2021 Report

We have continued our individual and separate modelling which has effectively led to the formation of two sub-groups within the club. Activity has continued on the Parkstone layout with Clive and Mike H laying the first rails in the fiddle yard. More buildings have been produced by Lawrie who has… Read More »March 2021 Report

December 2020 Report

Once again we have been modelling in isolation, maintaining contact by email, and continuing with Individual projects at varying speeds. Chris B was instrumental in obtaining a supply of etched and cast kits that are no longer in production – to the delight of a number of us. Richard S… Read More »December 2020 Report