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Chitterne progress

Our first meeting after the festive period with the hope that we would be able to bring both Chitterne baseboards together and see how they looked. Unfortunately, Chris H who has the right hand board with the platform and goods siding was unable to attend due to a family member testing positive for Covid. We therefore pressed on and did what we could to progress the left hand board which has the engine shed, brook and bridge.

Chris B has made good progress with the outline of the brook and we were able to see how his bridge abutments looked when paired with the recently completed girders and Clive R’s rapidly progressing engine shed. Chris B kindly supplied some wagons to give a sense of scale.

We took the opportunity to paint the area around the brook prior to provide a background to the rough grass soon to be added. In the views below you can see most of the left hand board. The front left line which crosses the bridge is the entrance from Codford whilst the one at the back behind the engine shed is the branch leading to the army camp. Once the plaster around the brook is all dry we should be able to start adding Lawrie’s excellent trees.