March 2021 Report

We have continued our individual and separate modelling which has effectively led to the formation of two sub-groups within the club.

Activity has continued on the Parkstone layout with Clive and Mike H laying the first rails in the fiddle yard. More buildings have been produced by Lawrie who has modelled all the minor buildings and is now starting on the station building. Meanwhile, Josh is making good progress with the station footbridge while Mike H has completed the three-arch station bridge.

The other group of members has been busy working on their entry for the EMGS Challenge. With Salisbury Plain and its military history ever present in our locality, we are developing a ‘might have been’ branch that led into a short military line serving a remote area of Salisbury Plain. Today, this area is currently home to a number of Army specialist training schools’.

Richard S the project co-ordinator, Rob, who can use Templot, and Chris B, who is able to produce an artist’s impression of the terminus, have been finalising the design of the layout and the associated buildings. Chris H has ordered baseboards while your scribe has checked likely locomotives from various historical sources. When looking through old records I am constantly amazed at how much the railway has changed in my lifetime.

This report – written by Joe Newman – appears in issue 228 of the EM Gauge Society newsletter.