December 2020 Report

Once again we have been modelling in isolation, maintaining contact by email, and continuing with Individual projects at varying speeds. Chris B was instrumental in obtaining a supply of etched and cast kits that are no longer in production – to the delight of a number of us. Richard S has had less joy in searching for appropriate vehicles for his proposed Princetown layout.

Like so many of us, Lawrie has looked at his unused kits and decided to use a MAJ kit to build a GWR C44 70′ 10 compartment coach. This was an unusual vehicle with one bow end and one flat end. He decided to reject the printed sides and cut new ones from 10 thou Plasticard. With his usual attention to detail the end product looks superb on-line. Mike H produced for him the transfers for the ‘smoking’ signs that were prominent in the period modelled.

Discussions continue on the Group’s proposed new layouts although collective activity on Parkstone has clearly ceased. However, Chris H has made some more buildings for it. The EMGS Challenge suggestions have continued electronically with interesting ideas coming from a number of members. But progress is naturally difficult in the current circumstances.

We have been impressed by the virtual shows that have been made available and are very grateful to all those who have given their time and expertise for our benefit. We do hope that matters will slowly return to normal in 2021 and send our best wishes to Groups and fellow modellers around the country.

This report – written by Joe Newman – appears in Issue 227 of the EM Gauge Society newsletter.