Proposed meeting topics

A list of suggested topics for future meetings. Members are welcome to propose additions.

All things solder & fluxA general discussion of the techniques we use for soldering together, or indeed otherwise, metal kits such as brass & nickel silver. In particular, favourite solders, fluxes, cleaners & irons and what we’ve found out along the way.A number of us are just starting to experience metal kit assembly and would appreciate learning from those with more experience.
DCC primer and the fun of soundA high level overview of digital control combined with enabling DCC on a lane or two of the test track and experiencing the thrill of sound!We’ll find out if digital sound really makes our scale models any more life-like.
Turnout constructionDiscussion of the technique used for constructing turnouts, especially curved turnouts and the troublesome common crossing. Possibly some sort of working session?A request from Rob K as he has built several as experiments and seems to have a problem getting the common crossing to curve correctly.
CouplingsAlmost anything other than the tension lock coupling – in general what are people using and how do they get them to work.In particular the AJ coupling, lining it up and successfully coupling and de-coupling.