June 2020 Report

During our on-going period of isolation from one another we have maintained contact by email. Zoom meetings have been introduced to some of us by younger members of our families but we have not embraced them as a Group.

Nevertheless, some modelling has continued although the desperately dry weather in our part of Wessex (2mm of rain in the whole of May) has meant a lot of extra work for those of us who grow vegetables – with less time to ply the soldering iron. Despite this, two members have separately scratch built buildings for the Group’s next layout Others have revisited long overdue projects by attacking their pile of wagon kits or converting R-T-R locos to EM or P4.

We have also had a very interesting discussion on the creation of a Group website which led the oldest members into a wholly new vocabulary. Watch this space.

This report – written by Joe Newman – appears in Issue 225 of the EM Gauge Society newsletter.